Hey there! I'm Amanda Jean and I am an animator, illustrator and designer living in Brisbane, Australia.

My style employs varied use of texture, colour and character that expresses and evokes a wide spectrum of emotion and thought processes. I love to experiment and am passionate about what I do. I truly believe animation can take an idea to the next level and visual media is one of the most effective ways to communicate.

I love being part of a collaborative process that helps deliver stories and messages which align with my values of connection, understanding, awareness and self actualisation. Whether that be conceptualising and design, production or all of the above.

The work I do is a reflection of my inner landscape and being an adult recently coming to terms with their neurodiversity in a world where expectations of success depends on being neurotypical.

I draw inspiration from daily life, love of nature, creatures and other people's stories. This work celebrates individual passions, personal challenges and growth, the beauty of being different, and a wonder of the natural world.

Please feel free to connect with me on any of my social media channels or via the contact page on this website. I enjoy meeting new people, sharing work, sharing thoughts, processes and challenges, as well as expanding my knowledge of the world around me.

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