Disjointed Comix

Disjointed Comix are an evolving collection of single-framed comics, anecdotal incidents that have occurred in my daily life. I’ve been turning these moments into a visual narrative of sorts for a few years. They’re normally used as a means of expression and creativity, especially when I feel a case of Artblock coming on. A fun and cathartic way to share those moments and those feels that we all experience through our own lense of life.

More and more I am finding the comic format a hobby that I enjoy (as if I need anymore time-consuming hobbies) and I wanted to create a place for these as well as any other comic projects that come to fruition in the future. 

And believe me, there is actually a backlog of ideas. Would you have guessed?

While working on a project for my current degree, I had an idea to start a Tapas page. It has yet to be updated, but you will find my little comics at home there as well as appearing on social media from time to time. It is my hope that folks who see them get a bit of a giggle out of it, maybe they even relate to the misfortunes, antics and emotions that are consistently present in our daily lives.

Please feel free to follow me on Tapas or my Facebook or Instagram for updates and shenanigans.


Disjointed Comix on Tapas

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